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“Lost Wisdom of the Swastika” isn’t a book to guide you through ups and downs of the life. It is like a teacher who throws hints at you and you need to grasp around the idea to figure out it in entirety. This book peeks into the idea of natural way of living, something which not only suits our life but also this pleasant place called Earth. Of late humans of this planet have rapidly lost touch with the basics of nature and revel in blind consumerism, gaiety, apathy for fellow humans and organisms and all the negativity. We have lost our true purpose on this place and are too busy trying to just stay alive for destined number of breaths and we need to realize our faults immediately before we tip to the point of no return.

Lost Wisdom of the Swastika isn’t about Hinduism, it is about philosophy called Life about which so many of us keep pondering in the dead of nights when sleep escapes our eyes and also when we’re stuck in traffic, honking and suddenly this ‘Life Question’ pops up in our head. You’ll relate to many aspects of this book being written by someone who has been a part of this ‘corporate culture’ in the past and has distanced himself to do what he loves to and what many of us aspire to do.

All the questions posed by Zian/Kabir to Maharaj-ji are relevant not only for today but have been relevant even in the past as much as it will be in future. So go on, get hold of this barely a 200 page treasure and who knows one of those pages might be holding simple answers to the questions which has been bothering you for long.

The book will also shatter the long-twisted propaganda around sanctimonious symbol of Indian culture, Swastika and the power this simple symbol contains. It is a symbol of power from within, which helps you when in distress, which guides you through the purpose of life, which is not just a mere depiction of man-made thoughts but is something which is beyond our contention until we really start realizing it.