“A delightful read that compels you to look within…..”


“A rare book that dispels many myths through a powerful story, narrated with great ease.”

-Sumant Batra, Founder, Kumaon Literature Festival

“You don’t read this book, you experience it- every step, every conversation, every realisation, of the way. Potent!”

-Gunjan Veda, Author and Founder,

“An engaging account of a spiritual journey through the Himalayas, this book offers a new framework for interpreting the way we live our lives. A must read for those who seek answers and purpose.”

-Salt Magazine, UK

“Ajay has authored the bestselling book, ‘Lost Wisdom of The Swastika’ published by Times Group Books of Bennett Coleman & Co. Owing to this book and his work, Ajay was bestowed with the ‘Making The World Happening Award 2017’ ”



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